Web Apps for Photo, Video & File Sharing

Web Apps For PC / Mobile Phone for Sharing Online Photo, Video, News & Views. Free Website to work from Home To Earn & Online Learning. You can work from home with PAK Web Apps to Collaborate, Communicate and Share Photo, Video and Files from Computer, Mobile Phone or Tablet.

PakMade.Com is a project of MicroSofteer, Pakistan, exculsively designed & developed for Pakistani Community to offer latest trends and applications to suit their requirement, generate self employment, general awareness, resource management and greater exposure to international market.

  • Free Web Hosting Services
  • Free Namespace for Personal Website
  • Free Photo, Video and File Sharing
  • Free Email and Online Personalized Calendar, Contacts and Tasks
  • Responsive Web Apps for PC & Mobile Phones
Pak Made is THE BIG IDEA for Pakistani Community to communicate with friends, family, customers & clients with safe & secure internet envoirnments.

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